So many choices on the market, we understand.  Let us show you the difference with Right Choice.


Local Professionals

In most cases we try to focus on local professionals or relocating because being local is important.  Not from out of town, not that fly in for three days per week and send you a bill.  Right there in your city, local, ready, talented, and ready to work.   


Van Staten & Associates has a wide variety of technology options in our nearshore capabilities.  Top talent all over Latin America with no language barriers, and in the same time zones. Keep cost lower by considering a nearshore capability.


We didn't say just India.  With facilities in more than 14 countries with English speaking developers with all types of skillsets,  we provide you options your organization never seen the likes of before.  This is offshore redefined and as it was intended to be.


The executives that operate our Technology Staffing Practice are all from Delivery backgrounds.  That means that we don't sell you anything.  We work with you to understand your needs and truly understand what you are talking about, not just nodding heads.  Net result is you get the right staff, right fit, right price, right options delivered custom just for you.  


We put our money where our mouth is with a no-nonsense guarantee.  If you don't like the resources that we have provided; no explanation necessary.  We will replace that resource and you won't be receiving a bill. It's that simple.

Lower Cost

Our model is client friendly.  We pass savings along to our clients in the form of lower costs for the same talent.  Give it a try and we can show you how you can save up to even 50% off your current resources with absolutely no loss in your investments. 


Our processes and deep databases help us find the right talent for you as fast as possible.  Dedicated recruiters, dedicated executives, dedicated management.  We deliver fast results.  Our philosophy; we have one client and one client only.  You.  

Top Talent

Van Staten & Associates regularly attracts top talent because of our way of doing business.  We treat our employees as they expect to be treated, and we focus on delivery for our clients.  We are able to identify top talent because of our unique delivery backgrounds so you get the best out there today.  Give us a try and see the difference.