A series of institutional services through MCII.  The only full-service offering in Medicaid.


Medicaid Central Intelligence

What do you get when you cross expert knowledge with steadfast determination?  The Medicaid Central Intelligence Institute (MCII).  Comprised of the strongest cross-functional teams of industry experts, the MCII executives are the best at what they do.

Subject Matter Expertise

Keep your focus on your program – let us handle the rest.  Our subject matter experts (SMEs) are leaders in their field, with exclusive concentrations in a wide-range of sub-vertical specialties.  We maintain the highest standards to ensure immeasurable value to our clients.

Research and Support

After 50+ years of assistance programs – we have a lot of data.  Synthesizing and transforming big data into accessible information is no small feat.  It takes expert data scientists with a firm understanding of health economics, comparative effectiveness research, state and local initiatives, health policy, statistics, finances and budget, and much more to parse, evaluate, and present the findings. Let MCII be your guide.

Medicaid Strategy

The successful delivery of your program is dependent upon effective strategy and planning.  This includes everything.  In an arena of so many options, we help you define the right strategy across every program and every service – so you can best advance your program, every time.

Executive Consultants

With deep roots in healthcare and Medicaid, Van Staten’s robust team of executives is here to provide you with targeted expertise wherever you need it and whenever you need it. There is simply nothing else out there like it. 


The MCII data scientists assist clients through every sort of qualitative and quantitative inquiry.  Comparing alternative technology systems?  Evaluating the relative and absolute risk factors in a solution?  Calculating cost-benefit ratios?  Reviewing a list of vendors in a procurement? Yes, we have an expert for that…and more.