Don't Go It Alone.  We do things different.


SaaS, Zoho, Office 365, Microsoft Azure, SAS, NetSuite, Amazon Web Services, Oracle, SAP, and many many more.  SaaS application solutions are generally less difficult to manage than on-premise solution, but they still need attention and development.  Experience our difference.

Data Backup

Have the right solution in place for your data backup and recovery.  Don't lose a thing and recover quickly.  Cloud solutions, distributed solutions, and archiving methodologies are all important to access your data anytime.


Experience the efficiency and benefits of having Service Level Agreements associated to your operations.  All those functions within your organization need to be timely and accurate.  Our standards for you are high.

Grants & Subsidies

Government policies and online submission processes change frequently. The availability of funding can also be unpredictable.  Having an established network of funding sources is important.  See what we can do for you.

Legacy System

The abundance of legacy systems remains the majority of enterprise systems.  From COBOL, AS/400, VSAM, DB2, RPG, and DDS and many more to C++, C#, ASPX, and Java.  Finding resources to maintain these systems becomes more complicated everyday.  We can help.


We understand there are a multitude of methods that still exist and are in operation today from tape to optical solutions.  We provide managed services for just about all solutions on the market today, including cloud.


We provide financial managed services for small, medium, and large organizations alike.  Get help in managing your books, regular controls and much more with our unprecedented service.

Proposal Development

Government proposals can be complicated and difficult to navigate.  We work with your organization from the ground-up to ensure you are registered properly and have a winning proposal.

Spectrum Connect

Through the Van Staten & Associates Spectrum program you can access our managed services in a broad spectrum of expertise.  Have your own attorneys, accountants, bookeepers, financial advisers, analysts, media relations experts, and much more.  Our managed services are deep in breadth and best of breed.  No sign up fees, no obligations, no points to acquire, no nonsense.  Experience the power of Spectrum now.