Have the latest idea, existing business of your own, startup, an inventor maybe?  Van Staten OpenBox Ventures helps you realize your dreams of success.  Pretty simple.


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The Opportunity

With our unique business model, imagine being able to do what you do best within a company. Running your business but...without all the hassle. Access to all the things you need including one cool culture of colleagues and partners that work regularly with Fortune 1000 companies. This isn't rent an office in our building.  We offer a turnkey business opportunity with Van Staten Ventures to permit you to focus on your business line, get the support that you need.  We are tied together so our success is your success.


Van Staten Ventures makes the investment into your organization.  Access to top talent in a variety of industries at no cost to you, a full infrastructure of equipment and software, offices you can house your venture at no cost at all, administrative functions that permit you to focus on your core business, and much more.


An extremely well connected set of executives helps you complete your plans, or take you to the whole next level in what you are trying to accomplish.  Better yet, at no upfront cost to you.  We have the connections throughout a multitude of industries and expertise to get you where you want to go, and we do it together.


Outlined below are some examples of businesses and ventures that Van Staten & Associates is involved with.  Through our OpenBox division, we don't stop there.  Not even close.  

The Difference

Van Staten is not a venture capital firm.  We are not an office for rent.  We are not angel investors.  We are not executive consultants. What we are is everything in one package.  An entrepreneurs dream.  We take on ventures that are of interest and put everything we have into them and you benefit directly.  Plain and simple.




Imagine taking your service and operating it under the umbrella of Van Staten Ventures with relative autonomy.  No burden of running your own business, just creating.  We handle your marketing, opportunity tracking, financials, access to offices, law, compliance, accounting, communications, administration, payment, access to capital, and much more. Even better, you get consulting, advisement, and mentoring from top high-level executives who are successful in running multi-million dollar companies.  


Starting a company is exciting.  Finally, your ideas are coming out and ready to come to fruition.  It can also be mind boggling. From capital investment, human resources, law, insurance, taxes, offices, equipment, phones, networking, marketing, and much more. Van Staten Ventures makes it easy as 1, 2 ,3.

Small Companies

So you already have started an LLC or Corporation and are up and running.  Taking it to the next level can be difficult.  Where do you want to go?  How much revenue and profit are you trying to generate?  Van Staten Ventures helps your company go to the next level and beyond.


There is nothing like inventing.  It is truly the backbone of entrepreneurs.  Creating something that did not exist before to solve a problem is exhilarating.  Inventions don't have to be just the next wheel, but in today's day and age, the next technology, or use of technology that had not been considered before.  We back inventions from beginning to end.  Give us a try!


If your products or services aren't listed here , no need to worry. Van Staten Ventures specializes in a wide-variety of businesses and ventures. We call this division OpenBox, because we are ready to listen to your thoughts and ideas and try to find just the perfect fit for you.