With all the technology we have, office functions remain critical to smooth running operations.


Data Entry

Even with new technologies such as voice-recognition software and barcode scanning, data entry is still in need.  We build custom systems fast for data entry and have the quality process in place to ensure your data is clean.


Getting away from that old paperwork takes time.  We provide full service scanning in both large and smaller volume.  Uploaded straight to your preferred cloud or content management system.


Executive, operations, technology, and industry reports are necessary to know what is going on in your organization.  We produce everything from daily to yearly reports in a format that fits your organization.

Virtual Services

Reduce your expenses by employing virtual remote services.  We offer reliable and cost-effective virtual assistant services to our clients.  If you don't want to invest in additional infrastructure or employees, you should certainly hire a virtual assist to help with you business. 


No matter your project type or language need, we offer the translation services that will empower your business to cross borders and get established in international markets.  Our translation solutions are user-friendly, comprehensive, and custom designed for your unique business needs and goals.

Microsoft Office

From Excel and Word to Powerpoint and Access, small and large businesses alike rely heavily on Microsoft programs for everyday functions.  Whether it be a single request or managed service, we do it all and with a quality that is hard to find.


We specialize in large print jobs that require fast turnaround. We have the design expertise and capacity to handle just about any job and at a price point that you can live with.

Supply Management

Supplies for your offices from laptops and routers, to paper and pens.  We keep your organization moving with our services so you can focus on our core business.


Gathering of information through research requests can be key.  Whether it be mailing lists to studying your competition.  We have the most advanced deliverables that allow you to act quickly on information.  You don't just get data, but highlights of information and infographics to act on.


Every small or big company needs business accounting services such as bank reconciliation, e-filing, service tax, sales tax, and payroll to name a few.  Don't be distracted from your core business as we can handle the rest for you.