We shorten the sales-cycle exponentially resulting in a healthy pipeline and measurable transactions.  At the end of the day, the bottom line is...the bottom line.



Local Presence

We spend 90% + time in the field with “boots on the ground” acting in your interests.  We understand that travel is time consuming and expensive.  We are your local surrogates.  An Executive Representative in each state, each sector, delivering on your unique needs.

Strong Relationships

Van Staten & Associates already maintains the relationships with the decision makers that your organization wants to be in front of.  Existing relationships, solid reputations, established long-term presence go a long way to influencing outcomes. 


We have the inside track on the intelligence that is so important to winning deals, helping you prepare and strategize in advance about the things we need to know to win.  Directly from the sources making decisions.

Client Trust

We have delivered business and technology solutions to clients for decades.  Our relationships are built on a foundation of history, trust, integrity, solution delivery, and true friendships to name a few.  We have genuine bonds with our network that simply cannot be replicated.  Being a
trusted source provides us with an advantage that is extended to our clients.

Direct Engagement

Presentations, formal meetings, meet and greet events, and introductions are necessary and…an advancement.  Local, regular interaction and facetime. Over coffee, lunch, dinner, social events, in person, one on one with clients you have known for years is simply….powerful.     

Exclusivity Per Market

We show the decision makers how your portfolio solves challenges they have been dealing with. Our experience shows that once we solve the problem, the rest will follow.  We engage with our clients in exclusivity per market representing you only. 

Delivery Backgrounds

All of our Executive Representatives have backgrounds in Delivery; a key differentiation.  They've sat on both sides of the desk and have experienced the complexities operating businesses and technology divisions from the ground-up.


Van Staten & Associates Executives truly have a passion for our services.  The same client services you expect from us, are the same that we extend to clients on your behalf.  Always seeking to expand your footprint and portfolio in each geographic area with quick wins and long-term payouts. 

We have generated millions of new revenue for our clients.