We would suggest you be both preferred and known. Branding matters.



Create an emotional connection between the consumer and your brand for building loyalty and consistent customer satisfaction.  So many ways to accomplish this goal.  We customize a plan just for your organization.


Brand awareness is key to your success, but at just the right levels.  Are Kleenex, Aspirin, Coke, and Xerox actually good for the brands as you may think when they become synonymous with a product?  Balance.

Brand Equity

The value of your brand is a sizable component of overall actual and perceived value.  While rare, brand equity can be negative.  Let us share with you our knowledge on how to make the most of your brand.

CBO Services

As you grow it's difficult to afford your own Chief Brand Officer in-house. We understand and have the solution for you. Through the Van Staten & Associates Spectrum Connect program you can have your own designated Chief Brand Officer.  No sign up fees, no nonsense.  

Social Media

learn how to effectively acquire and retain customers via social media.  But here is balance in social media as things that go "viral" can have a negative or positive effect.  Be on the right side of social media.

Trademark Compliance

Your brand is your brand and you worked hard and made significant investments.  We help you ensure that your registered trademarks, patents, and intellectual properties are rightfully protected.


Find out how high employee engagement results in high customer loyalty. Engaging with your customers in competitive markets is imperative and can make the difference between black and red.


The pace of product and service orientation has changed significantly the last 10 years, pressing innovation and product lifecycles to be shortened. Orientation is also key to warding off imitation and knock-off products and services in the globalized economy.  We work alongside you to strategize against these forces and have a proactive plan in place.


The most recognized worldwide brands are Coca-Cola, Apple, IBM, Google, Microsoft, McDonalds, Intel, GE, Samsung, and Toyota. Did you know that blind studies show that in some cases companies are actually not the best or most preferred at what they do?  Branding matters.