Jessica Moy Named President of Van Staten & Associates

Jessica Moy has been named President of Van Staten & Associates, a nationwide business solutions firm with a unique set of service offerings for both public and private sector businesses.

With Jessica’s extensive experience and leadership, Van Staten & Associates will excel under her influence and guidance. Jessica brings over 20 years of experience in business development across academic, government, and private sectors. She has extensively managed the business relationship throughout the customer lifecycle, strategically aligning technology initiatives to exceed customer expectations. With a focus on action-oriented problem solving, Jessica fosters business solutions that excel in efficiency, effectiveness, and value.

Jessica brings a diverse background to Van Staten & Associates. She successfully led an entrepreneurial consulting organization that provided comprehensive Information Technology and geospatial technology services to government, educational, other not-for profit, and private-industry clientele. Additionally, she has managed application development teams, implemented enterprise IT solutions, led procurement initiatives, and collaborated on projects in cybersecurity, cloud services, and mobile technologies.

Jessica holds a Masters of Arts Degree in Geography, specializing in Cartography and Geographic Information Science, from Michigan State University. Jessica also has a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Anthropology, which she received from the University of Michigan.

Headquartered in Lansing, Michigan Van Staten & Associates offers a comprehensive suite of services to its clients including Business Development, Lobbying, Business Advisory, Risk Management, Executive Consulting, Crisis Management and many more. Van Staten & Associates takes an all-inclusive approach to offering innovative business solutions coupled with powerful connections.