Abiding by the law is imperative to long-term success.  But it doesn't need to be painful.  Our attorney's are nimble, fast, and effective.  We accept no less for you.



We assist in the establishment and ongoing management of corporations in their various capacities.  The most experienced corporate attorneys advise on companies both public and private.  


We have the experience in Uniform Commercial Code and the modifications made per each state.  Get proper advisement about commerce and trade in both the public and private sectors. 


Have your business contracts written or reviewed.  One single word can make a difference in how business is conducted for years.  We are well versed in all types of contracts.  Save money and more solid agreements.


Managing partnerships and contractual arrangements can prove challenging. We are quick to understand the dynamics of relationships and importance of partnerships in your business.

Managed Services

As you grow it's difficult to afford your own attorney's in-house, court reporters, or scopists. We understand and have the solution for you. Through the Van Staten & Associates Spectrum Connect program you can have your own designated Attorney's.  No sign up fees, no nonsense.


In both corporate and commercial law there can be a maze of complexity related to local, domestic, and international law and regulation.  We have the experience at each level to ensure your company is compliant.

Employment & Labor

Be sure your organization has implemented the most up to date employment and labor laws.  We also assist in the mediation of your organization and employees, trade unions, and the government.

Industry Regulation

Different industries require a multitude of different regulations.  Law for pharmaceutical is wholly different from that of construction.  Whether starting a new business or assurance on an existing business, we can help.


Maintain the integrity of your financial systems and data.  Alongside experienced financial advisers and accountants where necessary, we ensure your finances are abiding by all applicable laws.


We have custom training and implementation programs for your industry to make certain that your management is carrying out employment, commercial, corporate, and industry regulation properly.